Popper - Full Size
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This popper is made of AR500 steel and can be used with pistol, shotgun or rifle.


The full-size popper and base has been upgraded so you can now use the same base with US or full-size popper skins. Our design allows the popper skins to be removed from the base by simply pulling the skin from the base. We have an elevated popper stop so you don't have to reach down so far to reset the popper. This is why are poppers are the most copied poppers in the United States. Why buy a cheap copy when you can have the very best popper on the market. Versatile, dependable, and built to last. Another item you might like is the forward faller bracket. This product is also powder-coated just like all our other products.

  • Item #: #01-01
  • Manufacturer: R and R Targets

Popper - Full Size

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