Plate Rack
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Made from AR500 steel and is pistol and rifle rated(engage steel at 100 yards or more). Rack disassembles quickly and can be transported in almost any vehicle.

 Our plate rack goes the extra mile like all our targets. Unlike our competitors, the whole plate rack is rifle grade AR 500 including the legs. It also breaks down for easy transport for those of you that don't have a range. The pivots on the plates are machined so you can only knock down 1 plate per hit. No more bounce-down plates from another plate falling. You also don't have to worry about a plate bouncing back up because of a high-power rifle or shotgun round. The reset linkage is designed for easy resets. Our plate racks are currently being used by ranges every day and stand up to the abuse great. they are also powder coated just like all our other products

  • Item #: #01-27
  • Manufacturer: R and R Targets

Plate Rack

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